When I left America, I assumed it would be shortlived. I am learning each day that it is not shortlived. I have no intention of returning to America.

America is the land of inappropriate self-inflation. From an individual level all the way up the proverbial flagpole. Individuals run around individuating, congratulating themselves on contributions to society, biting the hand that feeds and then demanding to be fed more.  Further, the government rests on the notion that they are working for the “greatest country on earth” and end most speeches with blessings from some yet-undefined god.

And at the end of the day: they send bombs over other god-fearing nations because America must be the most something, all the time.

Look. Whichever god the country is praying to has certainly had it with your shit, America.  You have spent centuries pretending to respect your God by misinterpreting a book that came from other humans pretending to respect their Gods by speaking as gods.  Gods were present in America because you “Americans” got there, you went to work immediately to abolish them. You continue to do this work by systematically taking away the rights of the original Americans. And then you expect the world to respect you.

Your time as the self-proclaimed “leaders of the free world” are coming to an end and I surely do not want to be there when the powder keg explodes.  I’m a furious pacifist. I have a lot to say, but I don’t pick up weapons. And when the revolution comes, I fear I will not be given an option.

America is the land of “your behavior is against my religion.”

This designation used to belong to Germany. I’m sure they’d like to offer you some advice and a firm danke for taking this over.

I warn you however, the World War 2 Underwelten Bunkers will exist in Berlin and Paris and America needs to take a look through these bunkers to assess whether or not you too want to live your nights and days huddled underground avoiding air strikes.

You too can learn this historical threat by reading some historical non-fiction and see what you’re heading towards. I don’t know how you possibly don’t see this anyway, unless you are choosing to ignore it. This, by the way, is what the Germans did in the thirties.