Lovely New Job

My job in the city is fine.

To have strong feelings about it would betray my complete lack of strong feelings about it.

 I leave my apartment every morning at 6:54 after one cup of coffee, fifty push-ups, forty sit-ups, thirty squats, twenty bicep curls, ten tricep dips, morning bathroom routine, one more up of coffee, dress, exit. By 6:57, I walk out the front door and continue 2.5 kilometers west until I reach my office. 

At 7:15, I’m the first employee at work. I sit in my office – behind a door with a glass panel in it, the females in the office get a curtain, but I was never offered one and I never asked for one because I’m afraid what they’d think I was doing behind it – until 11:15. I go outside and walk until 12:00 and then go back to work and eat lunch at my desk. My job mostly consists of sitting at a computer – to describe it in more detail would be tedious.

 At 4:00, I walk 2.5 kilometers east until I reach my apartment.

 I do one social thing or outing one evening per week. I read one or two hours each evening. And I like to do Sudoku on my phone. One night per week, Shannon stays over. 


Lovely New Apartment

My apartment in the city is hilarious.

To call it an apartment is a gross overstatement.

 Outside: tall, grey, square. Building entrance: Glass, dirty, vestibule, smells like wet coat. Stairs: back stairs, up seven flights, heartrate up, smells like hat pee. Hallway: so dirty, smells like ramen. Front door: wooden, uncomfortably narrow, basically pressboard with a knob. Opens to: all white everything, studio, kitchen straight ahead, dresser on right side wall, bed on left side wall, vinyl pocket door to left of bed. Vinyl pocket door opens to: toilet, shower corner, sink corner, no mirror.

 The items I keep in this apartment are as follows: enough food for two meals and two cups of coffee per day (five days), one pair sneakers, one pair loafers, two suits, three shirts, two ties, five boxer briefs, six pairs black socks, five pairs white socks, two basketball shorts, two t-shirts, one bar of soap, one towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, one bottle silver tequila, five limes, five Parliament Lights. 

 There is a twin size bed, one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, one blanket, one lamp on a table beside the bed. On the dresser is watch, wallet, cell phone.

 The apartment has no smell.