I thank you, readers, for sticking with me through this experiment. I must admit, part of the reason for this blog was my lack of friends and acquaintances here. I’m not warm or friendly or open, so making friends is predictably difficult.

Those of you who met me in high school may be surprised that I have this many opinions considering I was mostly silent in my youth. Those of you who met me in college are likely not surprised at all because my rage hit an all-time high in college. And those of you who met me in law school are likely uninterested altogether because of what happened. Those of you who met me during my internship at the Wetzel Law Firm are almost certainly not reading this.

But my gratitude remains. Thank you for coming back, thank you for reading, thank you for giving me an audience for whom I may share my life.

A life alone can be lonely. One must design in ways to mitigate the loneliness while remaining technically alone.