Lovely New Job

My job in the city is fine.

To have strong feelings about it would betray my complete lack of strong feelings about it.

 I leave my apartment every morning at 6:54 after one cup of coffee, fifty push-ups, forty sit-ups, thirty squats, twenty bicep curls, ten tricep dips, morning bathroom routine, one more up of coffee, dress, exit. By 6:57, I walk out the front door and continue 2.5 kilometers west until I reach my office. 

At 7:15, I’m the first employee at work. I sit in my office – behind a door with a glass panel in it, the females in the office get a curtain, but I was never offered one and I never asked for one because I’m afraid what they’d think I was doing behind it – until 11:15. I go outside and walk until 12:00 and then go back to work and eat lunch at my desk. My job mostly consists of sitting at a computer – to describe it in more detail would be tedious.

 At 4:00, I walk 2.5 kilometers east until I reach my apartment.

 I do one social thing or outing one evening per week. I read one or two hours each evening. And I like to do Sudoku on my phone. One night per week, Shannon stays over.